Movie review: ‘Death of a Girlfriend’


Movie review: ‘Death of a Girlfriend’: Let me tell you, Hello Friends, AJ Rawal made his debut with Daryl Yap’s “Pornstar” earlier this year. In his film and then here, Raval said that while he was too green in front of the camera to sport unnecessary breast performances and engage in sex scenes, he was too green, too self-conscious and awkward.

Because of his weight and leg tattoos, Diego Loyzaga certainly didn’t look like a shy high-school virgin. All his scenes required a suspension of disbelief.

Veteran character actors Reyes and Morit were more believable in their shifting characterizations.

Telling his story and screenplay for the screen, director Yama Larnas was clearly influenced by the Japanese film classic Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon” (1950). Witnesses relate conflicting versions of how a heinous crime was committed, neither of which may actually be true. Since each witness was also a suspect in the case, each reduced their degree of involvement in the hope that it would make them less suspect if they were not fully acquitted.

Kurosawa intended to present several truths in “Rashomon” and let the audience decide which version they believed in. Kurosawa did not believe that what actually happened should be directed or elaborated upon.

Though here, before the film’s deadline, it looks like Larraus tells us exactly who killed Christine and how the man did it. But I think it is still up to us whether we should believe it or not. Larnaca isn’t really true to Kurosawa’s core philosophy of this now-familiar cinematic trope.

Death of a Girlfriend Official Trailer

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