Chaos Walking Full Movie Download (2021) Dual Audio ORG 720p BluRay

Chaos Walking Full Movie Download

Friends, let us tell you that Chaos Walking Full Movie Download Isaimini is an Action, Comedy, Crime movie of Hollywood, film world, this movie has been directed by Doug Liman. Chaos Walking Full Movie Download has been leaked again on the website of Isaimini Filmywap Tamilrockers and Filmyzilla. Let us tell you that Tamilrockers is a Pirecy website that always promotes Pirecy on its website.

Chaos Walking Cast And Release Date

Movie Name Chaos Walking
Genres Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director Doug Liman
Stars Cast Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Demián Bichir
Language Hindi(ORG) + English
Release Year 2021
IMDb Ratings 5.7/10
Quality 720p BluRay
File Size 950MB

Chaos Walking Story

In 2257 AD, the colonists of the New World, all men, suffered from a condition called noise, which caused everyone to see and hear each other’s thoughts. The colonists were involved in a bitter civil war with the native humanoid species called The Spackle, which killed all the female colonists while half the males survived.

Todd Hewitt lives in Prentisstown with his adoptive father, Ben Moore and Cillian Boyd. Other residents include preacher Aaron, the city’s mayor David Prentiss and his son Davy.

Prentiss has learned to control her nose, which makes it difficult to see and hear her thoughts. A spacecraft that had lost contact with the First Colony approaches the New World, and a scout ship is sent to investigate, but it crashes. One day, while Toad is working, he sees someone stealing and follows the thief to the accident scene.

Todd returns to town and tries to keep quiet, but the others hear and see his thoughts about the crashed ship; They investigate the crash site and sabotage parts of the boat, but no one is found alive. While Todd is alone, he meets Viola, the sole survivor of the accident.

He is shocked to see a girl he has never seen before. The people of Prentisstown capture Viola and take her to the mayor’s house, where she is questioned as to where she came from.

Prentice explains to him what the noise is and what has happened on their planet. When he goes to talk to the men, Davy is accused of tracking him. Davy inadvertently messes with Viola’s gadgets, causing them to spark, which helps Viola escape.

During Viola’s escape, she overhears Prentiss talking about getting Viola to contact her colony’s mothership and interrupting their landing, killing them while they are asleep and cleaning the ship.

Viola hides in Todd’s family bard. Todd tries to hide Viola when a man from Prentiss comes looking for her. Ben tells Todd about another settlement called Farbranch and says that Viola will be safe there.

Viola escapes on a motorcycle while Todd follows her on one of the horses. Prentiss and the men arrive at the farm, asking for Viola back because they believe she is a spy. Davey kills Cillian, and Ben is forced to join them. Meanwhile, Todd captures Viola, and the two begin a journey to the Farbranch, accompanied by Todd’s dog, Manchi.

During the trip, Viola tells Todd that she is from a large colony ship carrying over 4,000 passengers and that her parents died during her 64-year-long journey from Earth to the New World.

Todd reveals that he never knew his birth parents. When he encounters a spackle, Todd attempts to kill him in self-defence, but Viola stops him because it doesn’t seem dangerous. They reach Farbranch, inhabited by men, women and children, some of whom are unhappy with Todd’s presence because he is from Prentisstown.

Todd learns of his mother’s diary, but Viola reads it because he can’t. The diary reveals that the women were not killed by native aliens but by the men of Prentice and Prenticetown.

Men don’t know what women’s thoughts are, driving them crazy. Enraged, Todd realizes that everything he was told was a lie. Prentiss and his men arrive, again demanding Viola. Ben tries to get Todd to surrender Viola,

but Todd is angry with him for lying. During Todd and Viola’s escape, Ben uses an image of Viola to distract Prentiss and his men. Aaron follows them. They arrive on a boat, and, as they escape, Aaron kills Manchi, further enraging Todd.

The next day, Viola and Toad arrive at the ruins of the first colony ship. They enter it and try to send a signal to the colony’s ship, but the antenna is damaged, so Toad attempts to repair it.

When Prentiss and his men arrive, Todd surrenders himself, as Prentiss has taken Ben hostage. Aaron goes inside to kill Viola, but she burns it with one of her gadgets. Todd appears, but Prentice shoots Ben.

Todd approaches her, and, unaware of Prentice, Ben gives him a knife. Todd engages Prentice, but he uses his illusions to distract Todd. As he is about to attack Todd, Todd uses the fantasies of his mother and every woman, calling Prentiss a coward. Viola attacks Prentiss, who appears to have died. The colony ship appears in the sky, causing Davy and the rest of the Prentisstown men to flee.

Todd awakens in the medical room of the colony’s ship, making a full recovery. Viola takes him to meet the other colonists. [ source link ]

Chaos Walking Trailer

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